Kitchen Etching

What a successful etching workshop.

We started off the day whipping out our mini etching press- Can you guess what it is yet? Our beloved pasta machine is only good for one thing now and it isn’t tagliatelle I can tell you that.

Then we all got to work fixing up our plates- for which we have a special process. They were very effective.
It takes a bit of practice to discover what works and what makes a good print, but once you get the hang of it, it is a piece of crumble.

Once we had finished with the plates we laid them all out on the table. They looked fantastic altogether. It led us to create one large etching collaboration, once we got them all back together.

Charline gave us a quick demonstration on how to ink up the plates well, and how to place it into the press with the damp paper.
To be perfectly honest I have done similar forms of etching, but never through a pasta machine and I was amazed at just how successful the prints turned out.

We all had ago, well several goes, it became quite addictive to tell you the truth.
It was great, seeing everyone really get stuck in and develop that printmakers itch- the full desire to create a ‘perfect print’.
I even managed to make a little Tandem Print Bicycle wheel!

When we got back to the printroom, we created a print of all the mini plates on a large scale press. Really effective!



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