Month: May 2014

We Did It!!!

We made all of the funding, And then some.
It is fantastic news, we are so happy, already oggling bike trailers, getting our connections down
and looking at Press templates. All very exciting to be up and running now.
We would like to thank all of the supporters, you have all been incredibly generous.
We will have our print centre up and running by the end of the summer and should have a little bike
shindig to get it going!
So watch this space, expect updates and progress as we get the project up and rolling.
If anyone has any exciting ventures or projects/ events we can attend- don’t hesitate to drop us a


We are currently on a crowdfunder mission, trying to raise enough funds to get our portable print studio off the ground.

Its all very exciting and so far we have over £600, with less than a week to go.

Take a look at our video, Hopefully this will explain a bit more about what we are up to,
How are project is coming along and to see whether you would like to work with us in the future.

Please check out our crowdfunder site- Help us by making a donation and see this project come to light!