Month: June 2014

Busy Busy Busy

So we are really grateful to everyone who donated us their monies!!! It was so great for such an amazing feedback and to know everyone was so generous and all that.
SO to say thank you, we have been busy sending out some personalised Tandem Prints!!! Just for you, you lucky people!


And then the money came in! All 800 pounds, more than I think we’ve ever had in one go. So we did what any responsible, 20-somethings would do. We went down the pub, and made friends with everyone in there!
No I am joking my dears, we were wise, even kept the receipts.
We bought a trailer- a beautiful sturdy, dutch rolling machine.  Something reliable but cool, halfway between France and Germany.
And thanks Holland bike stores- a super fast delivery- they even put up with 10,000 emails of changing my mind about what to get and being a fool about missing nuts. Which incase you ever need to know are called Mutters  in Dutch, or also achsmutters
(axle nuts) well there you go then.

Then came the press.
Now thanks to Charles Morgan at Who has published for free some fantastical plans for building a printing press. Complete with step by step guides and a full shopping list. It was actually pretty simple, once any inches were converted into CMs and all that americanisms were taken into account.
Thanks to the university tools- drills, big saws, Metal cutting thingies. The whole job actually took only 2 full days. Which was nice.
So hopefully it all seems to be working, nicely-ish. All up and ready for the Easton Arts Trail this weekend, which looks to be a beautiful day!