Month: October 2014

The Trails And Trials of Art Trails

This summer has been the trial of the bike trailer. Once built, it has been a case of taking it out and about, finding response and drumming up interest. I have to admit, once built it was a little bit nerve-wracking to test how easily it could actually be transported. I mean in theory- sure portable printing press, sounds great, but also my legs aren’t exactly built of steel. However, she moves, a little it of a shaky start (which involved the whole thing falling to pieces on stokes croft- due to someone forgetting to tighten up the screws!).
But getting back on the metaphorical bike- She Works! Even loaded up with a lighter model, yet still heavy as hell, printing press and kit, she works and she works well. First stop, Easton Arts trail!
Pedalling down to Felix rd. adventure playground. It was great, load of bike-themed activities going on, which was beautiful. A lovely sunny day and a lovely outdoor spot.
Next to me was a lady creating pedal powered music and paint spinning art.
After a bit of a tentative start, Tandem Print caught the eye of one child and then straight after that it was one kid after another. They loved the home-made press, being able to pump the car jack. The feed-back has been really great.

Lots of interest from schools and potential collaborations, also for private lessons. For which we will be happy to take. The kids over-ran the joint, they went wild, some loved the printing machine, others the messy inks and some were caught up making their own lino prints- which you can see on our new gallery!
The day was topped off by a tasty Caribbean curry, proving just how lush Bristol is!

We were also at the St Werburghs art trail, which although was quiet at times, still had a large crown of people in the afternoons. I like these quieter sessions sometimes, it meant that the kids could really concentrate, and some of the best fish and dinosaurs I have ever seen were produced.